Jan 19, 2014

Super Human Brain

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This what we called "never judge book by its cover"

Helikopter terhempas di Syria

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Activists in Daraya, near Damascus, reported that rebels downed an army helicopter that was flying over the besieged town on January 16. Multiple activists, based in different regions of Damascus, captured views of the helicopter plummeting towards the ground. Daraya has been the focus of heavy regime bombardment for several days, with activists again reporting “barrel explosive” strikes by helicopters on January 16.
Source : Sg.news

Syukurlah Malaysia masih aman!

Jan 17, 2014

Kangkung on BBC News!

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Nice...now or beloved vegetables "Kangkung" get known to world just within few days...we can export it after this...good income to farmer (^__^)

Top 5 Susu Formula Terbaik

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Dari carian encik Google, aku terjumpa senarai susu formula yang dikategorikan elok untuk diberikan kepada bayi. Boleh jadi senarai rujukan untuk aku kelak.

1. Bonlife Organic Goatmilk Pure Goat Milk Powder

Aku tak pernah tengok susu nih. First baru aku dengar nama. Sebab susu nya berasaskan susu kambing, lain dari susu biasa yang berasaskan susu lembu. Siapa-siapa anak yang alah susu lembu, boleh cuba susu nih.

2. Organic Bonmil Infant

Lagi satu produk dari Bonmil.

ORGANIC BONMIL is originated from New Zealand, the land of fresh air and green environment and where dairy products are acclaimed worldwide for its quality, goodness and taste. BONMIL is produced under stringent controls and certified organic by the organic association AsureQuality New Zealand.

3. Isomil Advance (susu formula berasaskan soya)

Lagi satu susu yang bukan berasaskan susu lembu. Yang nih berasaskan soya.

4. S-26 Infant / S-26 Infant Gold dan S-26 Promil / S-26 Promil Gold


5. Anmum Infacare Langkah 1 dan 2

Credit to Pregnant.my

Top 10 Best Paying Job for Graduates in Malaysia

By Nash   Posted at  1:08 PM   Work 1 comment
I believe this is average salary what company in Malaysia is paying for fresh graduates. Yet, there are some companies that pay higher than this scale. Anyhow, for freshies out there, for your references before stepping into working life. (^__^)

You can see more here for other level : Jobstreet.com

Jan 15, 2014

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept

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Diperkenalkan di North American International Auto Show, Detroit, baru-baru ini. Model konsep baru dari Kia Motors.

Interior memang mengancam.

Tapi bila aku tengok model-model Kia sekarang ini, rekaan bahagian hadapan lebih kurang sama...trademark baru Kia

Kia Optima 2014

Kia K9

Apa-apa pun, aku masih menunggu bila nak dapat tengok Proton keluar rekaan mengancam macam ini. Huhuhu

Source : Paultan.org NAIAS 2014

Kenari Vs Alza

By Nash   Posted at  1:47 PM   video 1 comment

Bila manusia tidak menggunakan akal untuk berfikir...maka inilah jadinya. Sebab itu kita diajar untuk bersabar dalam apa jua perkara

p/s : Aku tengok kuat juga Alza dan Kenari nih. Siapa kata kereta buatan Nasional tin Milo?

Source : Fb.top.news

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